Is VESMgrSub.exe a Virus? (Things to Know)

VESMgrSub.exe is an executable file associated with the VAIO Event Service from Sony Corporation. As such, the VAIO Event Service relies on this file to function smoothly.  

While VESMgrSub.exe is generally safe, you may want to verify the file’s legitimacy, as executable files can sometimes be disguised as harmful software. 

To ensure VESMgrSub.exe is not a virus or malware, you should: 

  1. Verify its location: The legitimate VESMgrSub.exe is located in C:\Program Files\sony\vaio event service\vesmgr.exe. 
  1. Use tools like Task Manager or Microsoft’s Process Explorer to check the “Image Path Name” and “Verified Signer” status. 

If issues with VESMgrSub.exe emerge, such as error messages or suspected malware, it’s recommended to use security software like Malwarebytes for removal.  

If it’s not harmful but needs to be removed, you can uninstall the executable file through the program’s uninstaller or the Windows Control Panel.  

With that said, only delete VESMgrSub.exe if you’re 100% sure doing so is necessary. Deleting a safe executable file could affect the programs associated with it. 

Regular system maintenance practices like malware scans, disk cleanup, and managing startup programs are also recommended to prevent issues with such files.