Is Safe? What You Need to Know as a User is a website where you can stream the popular series “Miraculous Ladybug.” However, many users understandably want to know, “Is safe?”   

The legitimacy of and your safety as a user are questionable based on the analysis of multiple detectors. The website’s trust score is low, which often suggests a higher risk for users.  

On the positive side, possesses a valid SSL certificate, which suggests encrypted data transfer, and is recognized as safe by several web safety services. 

On the negative side, malware has been detected on the website in the past, and the server hosting also hosts other low-trust websites. This association with potentially malicious sites lowers its trustworthiness.   

In conclusion, while there are certain positive security aspects, the low trust score and association with malware and low-trust websites should be a significant concern for users considering using  

It’s always advisable to exercise caution and conduct your own thorough checks before interacting with or providing personal information to any website with such mixed reviews.